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The ALTEC Company

ALTEC Environmental Consulting, LLC (ALTEC) has provided a broad range of environmental consulting services and technical support for its clients since 1988.

Strategically located near Shreveport, Louisiana to effectively serve the mid-south region, ALTEC has successfully completed projects in more than 35 states, including California, Alaska, Michigan, and South Carolina.

ALTEC's reputation has been built on the concept that our clients want and their projects require an in-depth principal or senior-level personnel involvement. The client truly receives their environmental services from senior-level personnel who, on average, have more than 17 years of industry experience on all projects for management, planning, and review. As a result, ALTEC provides the technical support and documents that are fully responsive to our clients' needs, considers all appropriate regulatory constraints, and identifies vital aspects that are critical for successful project completion.

- Message from the Vice President -

The regulated and regulatory communities that we serve recognize many of our multi-disciplinary staff of project managers, scientists, engineers, geologists, industrial hygienists, and specialists as leading experts in their respective fields. Our project managers, who then work closely with clients to effectively and efficiently complete each project, match appropriate, qualified staff with project requirements.

Our success would simply not be possible without clients who expect, demand, and appreciate high quality results and call upon ALTEC when they require efficient, effective, and expert environmental services. We are grateful for the trust and confidence that our clients have shown us and are committed to continuing to earn that trust.

We also make this same commitment to potential clients who may be considering engaging our services for the first time.

We wish all our clients success in their endeavors and would appreciate the opportunity to assist in achieving that success.


Robert B. Raines, III, PE
Vice President
ALTEC Environmental Consulting, LLC